About On River TyME

Sometimes when friends get together the best ideas happen, and sometimes not. In the case of River Tyme it was the brainchild of a few friends floating down the James River in the Ozark Mountains. You can drive to any river access and any avid kayaker is going to have a back window full of stickers and decals, and yes you are going to see many vehicles with the well known Salt Life decals. Well, to some, the thought of the beach life is the dream, it’s what they think about during landlocked summer days. To us, it’s the river. Our rivers are some of the most beautiful rivers in the world and to us water junkies, when someone says, What are you doing this weekend? most of us yell…..On River Tyme!

We want to offer people a taste of the river lifestyle, so slap a River Tyme Sticker on your shuttle car or kayak, throw your On River Tyme shirt on and throw a cold one in your On River Tyme! Koozie and hit the river.